Zagori is the ideal destination for enjoying safely and organized a variety of activities. Very well-marked trails and stone bridges that connect one village with another, creating a hiking-based communication system for 300 years.


The Voidomatis River, which starts from the Vikos Gorge, is one of the cleanest rivers in Europe with an average temperature of 8 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Here, you can cross a large part of the river that lies within the boundaries of the North Pindos National Park, making a raft or kayak. Most routes end up at Klidonia’s Bridge, almost 10 kilometers from the beginning of the route.


Based on our guesthouse you can carry out the following activities in consultation with us to help you either plan your route or take you to the selected route. The routes described below have a different degree of difficulty and duration and are done most of the time.


The degree of difficulty begins with:

1 – Easy (courses without large uphill or downhill slopes, suitable for children from 4 years of age and over)
2 – Medium
3 – Intermedium
4 – Hard
5 – Strenuous


* Vikos gorge crossing
* 4 villages, 4 mezedes, 4 bridges, 4 hours (Vitsa, Dilofo, Kipoi, Koukouli, Vitsa)
* Skala Vradeto Belai
* Aristis-Gefyri Kedonias Bridge
* Zavruhos (Vitsa-A. Pedina)
* Vitsa-Monodendri-Oxia
* Astraka-Drakolimni-Gamila-Tsepelovo


Rafting (hot dog, kayak)
Horseback riding
Via Ferrata
Mountain biking
Truffle hunt.


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