The olive oil we use in our restaurant is the Greek Olive oil, Rhrizoma !!!

 Rhizoma is a premium quality, internationally awarded, filtered, organic extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).

Our oil is obtained entirely from hand-picked fresh green olives and produced exclusively by mechanical means. During production, care is taken so that temperature never exceeds 25⁰ C. Malaxing (or stirring) time is always below 40 minutes to minimise oxidation and ensure maximum polyphenol content. Members of our team have been systematically studying olive growing and oil-making with agronomists and oil experts from around the world for the past decade. Additionally, Rhizoma has won second place in the Masters of Olive Oil International Competition (MOOOIC), San Remo 2016 ( and silver and bronze medal for packaging and quality in London’s international competition (

Rhizoma has an intense limpid golden yellow colour with green hues is the most recognisable visual characteristic of our EVOO. Its aroma is ample and rotund, rich in notes of fruity hints. Its taste is elegant and strong with notes of artichoke and medicinal herbs, especially thyme and freshly cut grass.

It is ideal on bean appetisers, salmon carpaccio, tomato salads, marinated or roasted fish, mushroom soups, mussel risotto, stewed cuttlefish, baked poultry or lamb, goat’s cheese, chickpea salads, mussels au gratin, couscous and barley purée amongst others.

The typical oval-shaped ‘Manaki’ olives are known for their tender and satisfying flavour and their classification as one of the oldest varieties in Greece. Several hundred of the trees in our olive orchards are at least a few hundred years old, reliably offering a bountiful crop of olives year upon year.